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Teeth Implants

A Dental Implant is made from titanium. It bonds to the jaw, much like the root of a natural tooth and permanently replaces a lost tooth. Dental implants are suitable to anyone in good general health. They are put in place during a simple and short surgical procedure done under local anesthetic.

Full-Arch Restoration With Dental Implants
Not too long ago, the only solution for people who had lost some or all of their teeth was dentures. Dentures could not be permanently fixed in the mouth and were often uncomfortable and cumbersome.
Modern dentistry enables us to replace several or all of the patients teeth by anchoring dental implants to a fixed bridge. The end result is natural-looking teeth that allow patients to regain the full function of their mouth.
Dental Implants For Single Missing Tooth
In cases where a single tooth and its root are damaged, dental implants offer a fast and easy solution that replaces the tooth with minimum discomfort.
As with all of our dental procedures we strive to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for our dental implant therapy. Contact us today to learn how dental implants can improve your smile and your life.

Dental Filling

The purpose of a filling is to restore a tooth that was damaged by decay. During the procedure the decay is removed and the tooth is cleaned and prepped for the filling material. Getting a filling done will also prevent against further decay.
There are many different types of material that are used: gold, amalgam, porcelain and composite. Composite resin material is preferred as it is tooth colored.


Both crowns and bridges are prosthetic devices that are cemented onto already existing teeth or implants.
Our Dentists address your concerns here:
Crowns cover an entire tooth. The purpose is to protect a damaged tooth. Crowns are suggested to patients who experience a fractured tooth, to cover a dental implant, a tooth that has had a root canal or to replace a filling when there is not enough tooth left.
Bridges are suggested when one or more teeth are missing. Empty spaces left by missing teeth can cause teeth to shift over time. Like a crown, bridges are cemented to the remaining teeth or implants. With proper care both crowns and bridges can last a lifetime.